What is Your Favorite Cuisine?

CuisineHere we go again.  Which of the above cuisines is your favorite?  Did that question make one and only one cuisine pop into your mind?  Well, now let’s see what happens to your one-and-only “favorite”  if I ask the question using two different scenarios.  Does your “favorite” change?

Situation 1: Life Sentence

 You are sentenced to life in prison. You have to choose one type of cuisine to eat for three meals a day for the rest of your life. Which of the cuisines to the right would you chose.  Sorry, they are the only options. BTW: S.A.D. = Standard American Diet

Situation 2: Last Meal

You are informed that you will be executed tomorrow morning. You can choose one of the cuisines for your last meal tonight.  Which would you choose.

Please place your answer in the comments, starting with “Same” or “Different” (as in our previous pie post).  Then, if you wish, tell us why you made your choices if you wish. Finally tell me if this exercise made you think a little differently about the question “What is your Favorite …”?

I will enter my choices as the first comment.


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8 responses to “What is Your Favorite Cuisine?

  1. Different

    1. Life Sentence: Japanese:
    subtle flavors, nutritious, love fish. I lived in Japan 7 years — I never got tired of the food.

    2. Last Meal: Indian:
    rich, powerful, blasting.
    When I lived in India, I had to eat curry day and night for a few years — arghhhh, I got tired of it. But on returning to the US — I now LOVE going out for Indian food — occasionally.

  2. Different.

    Life Sentence: Japanese (modified to fit my requirements).

    Last Meal: Italian (modified to fit my requirements).

    Love this post!

  3. Again, I would choose Japanese in both cases. I’m kind of boring, I guess.

    Further comments: It would be very hard for me to order cuisines. I did order pies, because I know I like chocolate least, for example. I could order dishes, but cuisines it’s harder because I like and cook lots of dishes from all. Italian would be my least favorite because “Italian”, for me, signifies something “ordinary” and not too exciting. Pasta, pizza, chicken cacciatore, all that is just ordinary. So is SAD food. I actually find Greek food more exciting than Italian and less ordinary. Not because I’m Greek. I prefer Japanese, as I mentioned above, perhaps because I can’t really cook Japanese (replace “can’t” by “don’t want” or “can’t find the ingredients” or “too much trouble to bother”. In all that, I exclude dessert because I’m not a fan of desserts. A dessert, at the end of a meal, spoils the taste.

    I’m glad you didn’t include Swedish cuisine in your least 🙂
    Being patriotic (sarcasm here), I noticed the absence of Greek cuisine.
    Incidentally, one of my favorite Greek dishes is dandelion greens boiled and served with olive oil, herbs, vinegar, salt, pepper, feta cheese and bread. (Yes, I prefer it to pizza, even for a last meal–this is how weird I am.)

  4. mikespeir

    1. Mexican. Still my favorite. I’ve lived in Korea and Turkey, too, and love their food, but I always come back to Mexican.
    2. None. Why waste food?

  5. Rebecca Watts


    I like that you didn’t say I’d be eating the same exact meal three times a day. I think one can find enough variety in most cuisines to “live with” it.

    1. harder to choose — Mexican? Italian? Indian? Probably Italian.

    2. Indian — which is probably the cuisine I came to latest in life and I don’t seem to find often enough. But MikeSpier’s answer is a good one, too.

  6. TWF

    1. Indian – Love it, but maybe I’d change that answer after eating it every day for years too. 😉
    2. Italian – Pizza. Need I say more?

    Maybe there’s some sort of nuance I’m missing here, or maybe I just think differently, but you’re not changing my mind about favorites so far.

  7. Thanx, all for the comments and the humor.

    TWF: more on changing minds later!

  8. Earnest

    Life sentence: Indian, as long as I could change the region and spice intensity at will, and also didn’t have to make it myself. Most varied flavors.

    Last meal: Japanese. I would ask for raw fugu because there’s no other time I would dare to eat that. If I died before my execution my ghost would laugh.

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