Personality: WeiQi & Blogging styles

We are usually blind to how our personality traits influence our politics, our religion and our philosophies.  We convince ourselves that our choices are rational and reasonable while all along our minds dutifully construct those ideas to safely tuck our quirky personalities into our lives’ snuggly niches.

WeiQi_Playing_StylesOne of WeiQi’s many beauties is that you can glimpse a player’s personality by the way they play their stones.  High-ranking, professional WeiQi players often describe this phenomena. For your perusal, here is a fun list of the playing styles of some top professionals as described by other professionals.

To the right I have taken the terms from that list and playfully grouped them into five boxes which I feel share have significant shared qualities.  Then I put those five boxes into two columns — columns which share qualities too.  Perhaps you’d categorize them differently — heck, my boxes probably reveal something of my personality too! 🙂

I play WeiQi on-line — I chat a lot with other players (usually after the game). Over the years many of these players have taken the liberty to tell me exactly how they read my personality from the way I play my stones.  Almost consistently, I have been told that I have several traits from the two boxes on the right — I will let you guess which ones.  But I have never been told that I have any of the traits on the left.  And to think, WeiQi is just a silly game.

Questions for readers:

  • Have you seen your mind’s personality constructing a snuggly philosophy for you?  Or are you deluded to think you are in control? (ooops, was that a biased question?)
  • Do you feel you can see my quirky personality in blogging style — in the way I lay out words, diagrams and ideas?  I give you permission to speculate on my personality, but more importantly, try speculating on how you feel my personality molds my philosophy.




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2 responses to “Personality: WeiQi & Blogging styles

  1. TWF

    If you think your mind’s personality is you, are you still deluded? 😉

    I’ve definitely seen my personality played out in strategy games, and I’ve seen just how that personality is affected by moods.

    I can definitely see how your personality molds your philosophy; diving headlong into other religions, sleeping on stranger’s couches, etc. 😉 And your artistic side and aggressive sides show through in your posts about what makes a post pleasing to the eye, how links should be used, etc.

    On a side, but related, note, I had a meeting recently with a guy who happened to have an WeiQi board in his office. He was excited when I recognized it, and proceeded to divulge that his strategy was to basically try to build a balance amount of territory while focusing on trying to find a weak spot in his opponent’s structure. As soon as he saw it, he would pounce, placing a stone as necessary to try to break up the opponent’s progress. There was something very unsettling to me in how he explained it; taking a little too much pleasure in exploiting a weakness.

  2. Sabio, all this time you talk about WeiQi and I had no idea it was Go! My boyfriend and I early on used to play board games all the time and this was a favorite. I barely remember my strategy but I think I preferred securing territory on my side early on, then using the “net” strategy. Then I would use the zigzag / ladder thingie as an occasional surprise attack.

    As for personality, hmm. Unless it’s a close personal friend, I tend to ignore personality on blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I care about everyone here but unless I’ve had a WP meetup, I consider the blogger a means of communication and a close acquaintance with fun reading to offer.

    Philosophy, on which topic? I tend to view everything as dynamic so I’m used to narrowing down the question first. Clearly a cautious strategy. 🙂

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