Pet me, you fool !


This is one of our mutts — “Dharma”.  We think she is mostly toy fox terrier — but it is only a guess.  I shot this picture this morning as my son approached her while talking and saying “Good Morning Dharma”.

Like many dogs, when Dharma is approached she rolls over hoping to be pet — or at least, that is my anthropocentric read.  Maybe her body language is just a sign of submission, maybe, like other dogs, they are actually saying, “Yeah, yeah, you are superior, but I’d love it if you’d go away.”

Nonetheless, I will just keep on assuming this posture means, “Pet me, you fool”!  That assumption has worked well between us for years — especially since they can’t talk and tell me otherwise!


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4 responses to “Pet me, you fool !

  1. Perhaps she’s saying, “Do I look like I have Buddhanature?” In any event, if a recent study is any indication, Dharma and her fellow canines might have a richer emotional life than previously thought. See:

  2. Dan

    In the cats I’ve known, rolling over not an invitation to be pet. My cat has made it clear that she does NOT want me to rub her belly by scratching and biting my hand—mercifully without drawing blood. She doesn’t mind a little rub on her forehead when rolled over like your Dharma.

  3. Hey Dan,
    I found several articles that say cats and dogs are different == duh!!
    Not to mention that cat and dog owners are different.
    But here is an article that says petting a dog tummy is usually what is wanted, but a cat pet can result in a scratch — as in your case.
    I’m a dog person, if you can’t tell.

    Hey Ben,
    Fun article about the MRI — but just as I would expect. I have never viewed humans as unique. And granting “personhood” to a dog seems an insult. We just need to grant “animalhood” to humans, I think. We ain’t so special — no more than any other animal. Interestingly, perhaps, that is exactly what my second post today hinted at too.

  4. Hi Sabio,
    cute article! Reminds me of a time years ago when a neighbour’s dog jumped the fence and came into our yard. When I approached her, she rolled onto her back straight away. Even though we were not well-acquainted I assumed she wanted me to rub her belly, which I did, and she seemed to quite like it. Now that I think about it, maybe she was signalling submissiveness, perhaps because she realised she was on my territory. It might also be both. I’ve read that tame dogs relate to humans as juveniles relate to more senior dogs, so submissiveness and desire for affection could easily go together.
    As you can probably gather, I’m a dog person too. I always had a dog growing up, so I feel that I understand them well, whereas cats I find a bit more enigmatic.
    I enjoyed the MRI article, although I felt rather amused by the notion that brain scanning is required to show that dogs are capable of love and attachment. Any dog owner could tell you that!

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