The Accidental Species: Henry Gee

Henry GeeI just bought the Kindle version of Henry Gee’s book: The Accidental Species.  My purchase was inspired by John Wilkens’ post about the book.  Wilkens is an Australian historian and philosopher of science and very good writer to boot. Apparently Gee’s previous book has been quote mined by Creationists  for his questioning of the assumptions hidden inside many science narratives which see evolution as a story of progress and the inevitable development of unique human traits — both of which, like Wilkens, I abhor.

But not everyone agrees. Jerry Coyne, a fine evolution scientist and writer,  called his work “anti-science”.   Wow, that got my interest.  I love accusation of heresy in the temple of science.  Join me if you wish, I will use this post to index my reflections inspired by Gee’s book.

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