Share your Demographics !

Reading each other and dialoguing can be vastly improved by sharing our demographics. To that end, I have made the table below to help.  I filled in my own details as an example.

Our thinking is more a product of our environment and experiences then we’d like to imagine. Sure, even if your beliefs match your demographic, doesn’t mean that you mechanically are fated to your beliefs nor that they are wrong.  But some of that is usually true and because we subconsciously know we aren’t as free as we imagine, it can be scary to share.  We fear that we will be judged, classified and dismissed. But the risk is worth it — it will help you to know yourself and perhaps change. Share your experiences with each other and see what that vulnerability does to your dialogues.

Feel free to cut and paste this table into your blog — modify it as you see fit and then link it to your “About” page to help your readers.  Add that link in the comments — don’t give me your demographics in the comments, please.

Suggestion: make all your answers as brief as possible or link to other pages when too long.

Biology Background
 — age/generation  baby boomer
 — gender  male
 — sexual orientation  heterosexual
 — health challenges  none now — but gettin’ older
Family Background
 — ethnicity, race  white (Welsh, German)
 — birth order, siblings, household  oldest of 3 boys
 — parent’s / guardian occupations  Dad: sales, factory owner (deceased)

Mom: elementary teacher (deceased)

 — present family  married, two kids (son, daughter)
Socio-Economic Background
 — occupation history  Physician Assistant (more here)
 — residence history  Mid-west, USA
 — class / income  middle class
Education Background
 — languages  mother tongue: English

previous fluent: Japanese (more here)

 — education  See here
 — religious  non-religious, former Christian (see here)
 — political  libertarian-ish (see here)
 — clubs and groups  no affiliations
 — hobbies  weiqi, kayaking, music (guitar)

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