Your Own Quantum Jesus


In fact, I think that as quantum theory develops, a materialist resurrection will seem more and more compelling.
— Tony Jones

Two Christians theologians/bloggers, Marcus Borg (Jesus Seminar) & Tony Jones (quasi-Evangelical Emergent), recently came to holy fisticuffs as to whether Jesus materially resurrected or not. These word games aimed at preserving proper qualifications to call oneself “Christian” crack me up. But in their world, this is serious shit.
(HT: David Hayward for the pointer)

Religious folks love grabbing flashy modern science metaphors to feebly legitimize their positions. I have written about the religion scramble to make Quantum Physics into Divine Mechanics before. Well, after reading Tony Jones’ quote (above) I almost gagged. But instead of up-chucking, I harnessed my regurgitory power and therapeutically sketched out this Quantum Feynman Diagram of Jesus.

The Naked Pastor (David Hayward) also did a recent cartoon criticizing “whole pack” sales of Jesus, Church and Bible. I am very sympathetic with David’s criticisms of the church. But it seems to me that people running to a “Jesus Only” mentality are feeding the opposite neurosis of me-me-me Christianity: Protestantism on Steroids or Progressivitis. And thinking about that, reminded me of the Depeche Mode’s 1989 song: “Personal Jesus” which was the other influence in today’s diagram.


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2 responses to “Your Own Quantum Jesus

  1. Take a look at and see if you agree that Jesus of Nazareth is a quantum master.

  2. @ John Arambula:
    Thanx man. That is hilarious! You proved my point.

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