Threader Challenge


I was going to coin a new word, but as you can see to the right, it already exists.  So I am going to coin a new blogging use for the word: “threader“.

Threader (noun): a blog commentor who does not have their own blog — their sole blog participation is on threads.

I love threaders. Not everyone has the time or desire to run their own blog. For unlike us bloggers, threaders probably have a much healthier, productive life! 😉

I am very happy (and privileged) to have threaders who participate on Triangulations. But a challenge with threaders is that they can be difficult to get to know. And here at Triangulations, I contend that getting to know someone on a personal level is probably as important as getting to their ideas. Indeed, I wonder if you can really understand a person’s ideas if you don’t know their lives.  Ideas can be separated from lives, but they never are.  Idea serve people’s lives in different ways.

Threader Challenge

If I have linked you to this post, it is because I am challenging you to either:

    1. Put the link to your blog in your profile on Disqus, Blogger, Facebook, or Google.  And if you have a blog, be sure to have a fairly detailed “About” page .
    2. If you don’t have a blog, set up a blog and just make it a one page blog with information about you.   If you need help thinking of things to share, consider using my “Share Thyself” tables if you wish.

Obscure Threaders

Some threaders love hiding behind obscurity.  They enjoy throwing out cute teasing aphorisms to sound wise and yet not spell out their ideas.  Please consider some degree of blogging transparency.  Share yourself.

Question for readers:

  • Are you a threader?  What do you think of this post?
  • Have you shared yourself on your blog?  If so, why not?
  • If you don’t have a blog and prefer to only be a threader, has this post moved you a little closer to consider at least putting up a 1 page blog: an “About” Page?

Note: Pic source here — for more on what I feel about bait, see my post on Roadkill Theology.





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9 responses to “Threader Challenge

  1. I have a Welcome page on my blog which has a little detail, but I think you are right, I need an About page that goes into a little more about myself.

  2. Hey Howie,

    Glad my post influenced you.
    Most bloggers want quick information.
    Looking at your blog, I suggest:
    (1) Split your “Welcome” page into two pages (two tabs)
    (a) Blog Intro
    (b) About Howie

    Keep both those posts succint. Links to other pages keep posts succinct — the reader can then decide if they want more.

    As in your “Welcome” page, I didn’t read it, because it was too chatty. I just wanted a quick reminder of your back ground. You can link to long chatty bibliographies on other posts to keep your about page succinct.

    Just my aesthetic suggestions.

  3. Hey Sabio – I really appreciate the feedback! I’m going to adjust some things as you suggest.

  4. I spent many years as a “Threader” before I started blogging on my own. I finally got tired of writing the same responses over and over, and wanted a place where I could do a thorough and careful job with the most common things I found myself writing in comments, so I could just refer to them later. Also, I went to TAM9 and met a lot of bloggers, and that started me thinking that I could actually do this too.

    The “about” page was one of the first things I did, since it really annoys me when I read an interesting post, click on “about” and get the “This is an example of a page…” placeholder.

  5. @ubi dubium,
    Perfect story, dudelett, thanx! I added you to my “feedly” — haven’t seen ya in a while. Thanx for stoppin’ in! (PS — I also use to live in DC)

  6. Thanks Sabio! I have your posts come to me by email, so I’m always reading, but I just hadn’t commented in awhile.

  7. Hey! This is a really good post Sabio!

    I have some threaders on my blog too, and sometimes it IS difficult to get an idea of where thy are coming from if they don’t have some sort of reference. It makes a difference in how one responds to them.

  8. Thanx Tim (JWOB):
    I am glad you see the value. Even on your site, a more explicit, “What I believe” page would be helpful. But your Bio is excellent. Nicely done.

  9. Earnest

    Guilty as charged! One of these days I will start my blog!

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