An Early Atheist

Early_AtheismSo, can you spot the atheist?

I made this image after seeing this cartoon by David Hayward. You see, unlike one possible message in David’s drawing, I don’t think that people make up different stories about “God” because they are blindfolded as they grope some underlying divine reality. Instead, I think as they view the complicate world, they are just too tempted into quick, simple answers, or they are easily self-deceived or they are just uncomfortable with the unknown. Oh yeah, I left one possibility out: in the worst case scenarios, they are just manipulative bastards!

Sorry, watching a bit too much of Tim Minchin’s dark humor today — let’s blame him.

Anyway, this have been is my sad attempt at artistry, humor and a tad bit of philosophy. Maybe I should just leave those things to David and Tim.  What do you think?




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4 responses to “An Early Atheist

  1. Great post! Is the volcano the atheist? 😉

  2. LOL — you got it! One of those damn fiery New Atheists!

  3. Personally, I would see the questioning individual as perhaps potentially an atheist but also potentially an agnostic. I personally do not see the term agnostic as meaning “a weak atheist.” I identify as an agnostic. I am not an atheist. I don’t see my viewpoint as weak or wishy-washy. I do believe that there are potentially powers that one might term deities in the Universe, although I am not religious. For me, identifying as an agnostic means that I keep an open mind to the various possibilities. I’m not sure when the term became co-opted to mean “weak atheist.”
    I like the cartoon and I like the blog. I have a little frustration these days with the fact that when I identify my belief system, such as it is, I am admonished to “take a stand” and profess my true atheism, when I am not in fact an atheist.

  4. Glad you liked my post, petra. I personally don’t quibble over the label agnostic or atheist. I do have a few posts on that issue though which you may like:
    (1) Agnostic of Gutted Gods
    (2) A.K.A. Atheist
    A God I can Believe In

    Before quibbling about the non-label, you have to decide what “theist” means. But seriously, much more important than that: I could care less about the label. We usually choose labels (like beliefs) not because of their truth value but because of the effects they have on ourselves or others. Oh, sorry, I waxed philosophical — but if you follow my blog, perhaps you know what I mean.

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