Confessions of a Marxist & a Libertarian

This is an index of my posts on Marxism and Libertarianism.

I have embraced and then rejected many belief systems in my life. I am clearly an unstable character.  See my Confession Tales series.

Are libertarianism and marxism also such belief system of mine? Well, read the series and find out!

Four years ago, in this post, I called myself a “libertarian” and spoke of Michael Sherman.  In September 24th’s Scientific American, Shermer says he is turning in his “libertarian” label.  Well, that article inspired be to start this series.

Below I list my political experiences in chronological order

  • Before Marxism:  ooops, like the second post, minus the unions
  • Politics of my Childhood: Unions, Business, Teachers, Vietnam
  • Mao’s Little Red Book: My India Trip
  • Kibbutz Ambitions
  • Co-op Training
  • Marxist Coffee Shop
  • Marxist Professor
  • Marxist Disillusion
  • Labeled a “Libertarian”
  • Identifying as a “Libertarian”
  • Chairman of Libertarian Chapter
  • My Libertarian Disillusion

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One response to “Confessions of a Marxist & a Libertarian

  1. “I am clearly an unstable character.”
    Hang on, questioning and thinking and changing opinion, based on evidence, is not instability of character. If your family or society tells you something and you discover it is wrong, then changing your view does not imply instability, but freedom of thought and correct approach to democracy.

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