Black Priviledge

targetino vs Mosquito

Black (Mosquito – yours truly) got a 4-stone handicap in this game today. Both Black and White played conservatively — no invasions, no sacrifices, no deaths. White ends with one completely-connected, efficient, bold group, while Black finishes with four cowering, isolated, inefficient islands. Yet Black won. Life is not fair.

Usually winners — deceived by their own mind’s rightful-victor, post-hoc rationalizations — wallow if gloating self-congratulations. They forget their initial privileges and the vagaries of life and thus build delusional and vacuous identities of intention.

Not today — Black knows he is a fool.

Read more on WeiQi, a strategy game that can thrill the self-absorbed philosopher within you.

Question to reader:  Did the title get you? Did the post’s content — something you’d probably never otherwise have read — justify the move to help show that we should not take ourselves so seriously?  See Mr Coates’ article in the NYT today, “In defense of a loaded word“.



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2 responses to “Black Priviledge

  1. Ian

    Weren’t you a 4k? You getting rusty?

    Presumably if white played conservatively, then it is no surprise s/he lost. If I give a pawn away to an opponent in chess, then play a normal game, I’d expect to lose. If I give a big handicap I need to throw caution to the wind to win it back.

    Note sure what philosophical point that makes, though.

  2. @ Ian,
    You really know how to hurt a guy! 😉
    I was never a 4K, sniffle. I drift from 9k to 7k but average as a high 8k.
    Still, a pathetic rank, but I am very happy with mediocre and thus my low station in life albeit a happy plebeian.

    Yes, White must be aggressive unless black is typically careless. Maybe a “philosophical” point would be: “No need to waste energy smashing idiots, they usually destroy themselves. But just incase you underestimated your enemy or you are an idiot that day, best to be a little aggressive always.”

    Sounds like something right out of the panchatantra, eh?

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