Reductionist Blogging and Blur

I have experimented composing this post using diagrams and words all in one .png file because illustrating it otherwise would be pretty complex.  It was a fun experiment. However, the image may be hard to see on your cell-phone. Let me know how it appears in your reader. And tell me how this post made you think about your blogging and the concept of “reductionism”.




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4 responses to “Reductionist Blogging and Blur

  1. From Blah to Blur . . . . I like your fun experiment, though I would have been much more impressed if you had use real paragraphs of text running on the left side and the illustration running on the right through the use of html and css, plus any necessary programming and formatting techniques.

  2. Thanx SoundEagle. Using CSS, tables and html to accomplish today’s stuff would nave been tough.

  3. TWF

    Enjoyed your post. Amazing how complex and fluid things can get the deeper you dig into them. 🙂

  4. Thanx, TWF. Funny too how the posts we are most excited about get the least comments often, eh? So glad you enjoyed it.
    Part of this was to give “reductionism” the respect it deserves.

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