Jews, Nurses and the Clergy


The Pew Research on Jewish identity still fascinates me. Of those born after 1980, 32% claim to have no religion. And only 32% of Jews feel that believing is God is a prerequisite for their fellow Jews to call themselves “Jewish”. Even Jews who consider themselves religious Jews, 55% consider themselves so mainly by ancestry or culture. Indeed, I think this is true of most Christians — the role of culture and family play a far bigger aspect in their Christian identity than doctrine (whether they confess it or not). This is always to the chagrin of theology-peddling rabbis and clergy. They have vested interests in their myths — which ever version they are selling.

When people see through vested interests, the veil of honesty is torn down. A recent Gallup poll (below) shows that the trust of nurses remains high while (thank goodness), the trust of clergy is falling. When considered through the principle of vested-interests we can see why. Nurse’s training is to be a patient advocate, they aren’t pushing drugs (like drug reps), nor are they trying to push their authority (like doctors). Clergy are using the “God taboo” trick to get you to pay tithes and come to church. Unlike nurses, pharmacists, teachers and more, they have nothing practical to offer you besides made up theologies. It is no wonder trust drops as people gain insight.
As people see through the god-talk and the twisted theology, wise clergy instead will make the switch to survive by marketing more entertainment, morality, marriage counseling, miracle healing or community get-togethers. God is becoming a tougher sell.


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