Mahabharata Sources: books, films…

If you’ve read or seen anything about the Mahabharata that your really enjoyed, let me know and I may add it to the list below. See my other posts on the Mahabharata here.

Translations & Retellings of The Mahabharata

  • Amar Chitra Katha, Mahabharata, 1985-89. 42 comic series. 1,300 pgs (wiki)
  • Bhoothalingam, Mathuram.  Sons of Pandu. Dolton Publications, 1966. (Amazon, 122 pg).
  • Buck, William. Mahabharata. University of California Press, 2000. (Amazon, 440 pg). I thoroughly enjoyed this version.  It is the first version I read.
  • van Buitenen, J.A.B.  The Mahabharata.  University of Chicago Press.  Translation of the Poona edition
    • Vol. 1: Book 1 The Book of the Beginning.  (Amazon, 545 pg)
    • Vol. 2: Book 2: The Book of Assembly;  Book 3: The Book of the Forest (Amazon, 871 pg)
    • Vol. 3: Book 4: The Took of the Virata; Book 5: The Book of Effort  (Amazon, 572 pg)
  • Dharma, Krishna. Mahabharata. OM Book Service, 2009. (Amazon). reveiw: ISKCON Krishna bias.
  • Ganguly, Kisari Mohan. Mahabharata of Krishna – Dwaipayana Vyasa (4 volume set). Munshrim Manoharlal Pub. 1 edition, 2004. (Amazon, 2000 pg)
  • Lal, P.  The Mahabharata of Vyasa.  Vikas Publishing House, 1986. review: “best”. (Amazon, 400 pgs)
  • Menon, Ramesh. The Mahabharata.  iUniverse, 2006. (Amazon, 1539 pg)
  • Narasimhan, Chakravarthi V (trans). Mahabharata. Columbia University Press, 1997.  (Amazon, 254 pg)
  • Pattanaik, Devdutt. Jaya: an illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata. Penguin Books India.  (Amazon, pg 436)
  • Rajagopalachari, C. Mahabharata. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, India. (Amazon, 483 pg)
  • Smith, John (trans). The Mahabharata.  Penguin Classics, 2009. (Amazon, 912 pg)
  • Subramaniam, Kamala (trans). Mahabharata. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, India, 2007. (Amazon, 870 pg)

YouTube Sources

Fiction based on the Mahabharata

  • Lidchi-Grassi, Maggi. The Great Golden Sacrifice of the Mahabharata.  Random House, 2011. (Amazon, 960 pg)

Film and Anime Based on the Mahabharata

  • Chopra, B.R.  DVD set  (Amazon, 16 DVDs), I’ve read that it is excellent.
  • Brooks, Peter.  The Mahabharata (1990).  Amazon, 2 hr 50min.

Mahabharata-related Websites

  • Manzo, Lawrence: Mahabharata Podcast : His sources: Buitenen’s translation of the critical edition and Ganguli (more popular)

Mahabharata Scholarly Sources:

  • coming — any thoughts?

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