Embracing your Refrepa

YuletideHappy Yuletide folks!

As a season present, I am offering you this card and my newly coined word: “Refrepa”. Refrepa (ré-fre-pa) is an acronym for: Religion-free Pagan or Religion-free Paganism.

Pagan” is the pejorative term long used by Christians to refer to eternally damned pagans — it referred to a whole slew of non-Christian religions and eventually used even for religion-free folks. So this word is for people who enjoy some Pagan holidays (and even ones Christianity borrowed) but in non-religious ways.  We embrace our heretical pagan nature and celebrate it as we please.

Yuletide, of course, was a northern European midwinter festival — before being conquered under the flag of the cross. Midwinter customs were many and varied before being confiscated by Christianity and given new meaning.

So, to all you Refrepas, enjoy making the seasons your own — a lovely time for family, friends and sharing with others!


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2 responses to “Embracing your Refrepa

  1. Oh, those Christians. Like a toddler who takes the toys of others and says, “Mine!”.

    Merry! Refrepas. 🙂

  2. Thanx, CTQ. But be assured, everyone is a tradition thief! Borrowing, changing, making your own is great stuff. But as you said, when you sanctify it and use it to diminish others, then we must challenge the move.

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