Diet: Giving God the Glory

dinner-prayerAs you know, I am listening to the course “Soul Beliefs” — my goodness, 2x speed listening is not even fast enough for me — so you can blast through the course in twice the speed.  It is good introductory to comparative religion if you’ve never done the stuff.  I taught it to undergrads when I was a teaching assistant in grad school and studied it since, so it is pretty familiar stuff, but I think it is good so far — albeit slow.  Thank goodness for modern technology.

Today’s short post is based on, Unit 1, Functions of Religion part 3 lecture:


Large scientific studies have been done on Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists comparing their health to the general population.  These religious were found much healthier than nonreligious folks. So is God taking care of  these religious people?  Is that proof that communing with the divine is our rightful place and thus it shows in our health?

Well, Evangelicals would claim that Mormons and Seventh Day adventists are heretics and not “real” Christians.  Indeed, many would claim that Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists are probably speaking to demons instead of God — as some of my commentors claim. So Evangelicals would certainly not want to explain the health benefits of these devil loving heretics as due to God’s Glory. But instead would agree with scientists about other factors. Yet if any benefit is found between Evangelicals and general population, they’d are quick to give God the Glory.

Look, when doing comparative religion, you’ve got to watch how your investments and your identity clouds your reasoning.  The first challenge is to see the investment and recognize how identity works for you. This goes for everyone.



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