Yahweh as an Anti-hero

Yahweh_The_Anti-HeroIn Jewish scriptures, their god Yahweh is depicted doing horrible things. Yet Jews and Christians alike continue to have sympathy for Yahweh and even worship him.

In this post I wondered about what it is in the human mind that allows us to admire “Anti-hero” — the person who if illustrated differently could be clearly seen for their horrible crimes. Yet we forgive these people and sympathize with them even after they have murdered others.  And so we admire anti-hero gods.

In my last post, I tried to explain how important it is to see that the same mind-habits that support the believer mind are found also in the secular mind. Anti-hero admiration may be another of those unsuspected shared traits between believers and unbelievers.

Depending on how a story is told and how it resonates with a person, one person’s evil god can be another person’s hero.


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9 responses to “Yahweh as an Anti-hero

  1. lilystrange

    Once I escaped the indoctrination of my younger years, Yahweh seemed to me to be very much like an abusive parent. The concept of the Demiurge describes very well what most people are worshiping: the blind, insane god.
    I don’t know if I qualify as an atheist, as even though I don’t worship any deities at this point, I still believe in at least the possibility of certain phenomena which fall in the realm of metaphysics. However, one thing is certain. If I had to choose a deity to worship, it would not be Yahweh.

  2. @lilystrange,
    I wouldn’t be an atheist if it weren’t for theists because I certainly don’t believe like they do ! 🙂
    Good points — thanks.
    If you are following this thread, do you think that our love for anti-heros could be part of what gets Christians from overlooking Yahweh the horrible Demiurge?

  3. rautakyy

    Yesterday I just saw Shakespeares Coriolanus, and I must say Tom Hiddleston’s acting made that anti-hero seem rahter appealing in many ways. But there are differencies between anti-heroes. Coriolanus for example, was a product of his cultural heritage, and upbringing by a very patriotic and ambitious mother. Responsibility of actions lies on the adult person, but what of Yahweh? If cultural heritage and upbringing may be presented as form of excuses for Coriolanus, what are Yahweh’s excuses for being jealous and vengefull?

    By the way, interresting choise of Judas Priest album cover of Ram it Down in your depiction of Yahweh the Anti-Hero. Is there a hidden message?

  4. Earnest

    The Stockholm Syndrome suggests that we may be wired somehow to have empathy for powerful controlling abusive figures. Yahweh fits into that pretty easily.

  5. You are right, Earnest, the Stockholm Syndrome phenomena is an ugly truth we must always keep in mind.

  6. @ rautakyy,
    LOL, yeah, what are Yahweh’s excuses?? My theory: Yahweh was, to many writers, a personification (deification) of Israel’s desire for dominance — and an explanation of failures and success.

    The Album cover was unknown to me — thanx for the info.

  7. Drago

    You are condemning Yah coz He punished those who sacrificed their own children to satanic pagan gods. The foolish logic of the atheists never ceases to amaze me with each and very new day

  8. The Truth

    Hey Drago you bloody idiot –
    1. your precious yahweh “punished” also infant children and the ones who were unborn ! He also allowed sexual slavery aka raping of little girls (children) and young women who were virgins !

    2.Satanic pagan gods ??? wtf ? Those Gods were much older that Satan himself you dumbwit.And no they were murdered because they were simply worshipping their own Gods instead of this barbarian jewish god.

    3.Even if those people sacrificed some of their children then what’s yahweh solution to this ??? Slaughter of many others ?
    So he ordered little children to be brutally murdered to punish their parents for sacrificing some of their children ??? O_o

    You kill children so now I will kill more children in order to punish you for killing children ??? Wow what a brilliant logic !

    But that is bullshit because yahweh wasn’t angry that some folks were sacrificing their children but because they were sacrificing them for OTHER GODS and not for him !

  9. Drago and The Truth,
    Please watch language to not violate my comment policy or further posts won’t be allowed. Thank you,

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