A True Follower of Jesus: Part II

PomegranateAs I wrote here, most people who call themselves “followers of Jesus” actually aren’t.  But I have met such a fellow — Greg — who I introduced you to in Part I.  I met Greg during my trip to India. Greg was heading to find a cave in India where he felt God told him to store up honey to prepare for the end times.

Greg and I had a lot in common, we were both Christians, we were both hitching our way to India from Europe and we both had no money. I occasionally got money by showing tricks or gambling in card games. But often our food was given by the generosities of others. One day in Iran, a local shopkeeper in the food market gifted us with two big pomegranates. We were very happy. We hadn’t eaten in two days. We were on our way to the local consulate to apply for visas to Afghanistan and decided to eat them there.

Seated on the tiled floor in the consulate with other people waiting for the visa office to open, we took out our pomegranates to eat. But Greg took pity on the two German lads next to us and offered them one of our pomegranates. I was shocked — we were starving, so what was he doing? The Germans were very thankful, and we were surprisingly full after eating our one pomegranate. Greg’s generosity amazed me.

As I said in my previous post, Greg was losing his teeth from his fruitarian diet, and he had lost or had most of his belongings stolen but he was sure God would take care of him. We parted ways in Afghanistan. I thought Greg was careless and foolishly deceived by his apocalyptic visions, but I admired his child-like simplicity and love.


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3 responses to “A True Follower of Jesus: Part II

  1. Earnest

    Great story. Sometimes I wonder what the natural history is for such holy fools, do they just die off? We read stories about them from time to time, does any body witness the collapse of the celestial contract?

  2. Thanks, Earnest. Yeah, I am skeptical that Greg made it very far. I had to help get him to a medical clinic twice, during our travels, as he was in severe pain from abscessed teeth from his fruitarian diet. He also felt Yahweh would protect him from Gardia and such. I wager he either came to his senses (not likely) or died young. But he touched people on his way out. “A long live” is sometimes over-rated, eh?

  3. Earnest

    Agreed, the candle that burns the brightest sometimes burns the shortest!

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