Self: The Singing Flame

FlameMay I introduce the fine sculpture Harry Iles, who with his wife Ruth is hosting my daughter and I for a few days as we travel in Wales.  Both photos show Harry’s bronze casting called “The Singing Flame”.

Take a look at the photo of the sculpture — it is hard to get a feel for it there.  Adding the title of “The Singing Flame” may help a bit but without viewing the sculpture from many angles and touching it, you can’t dive to deep into its meaning.

Well, in the excellent video below, Harry gives you a 3-D tour of his creation which helps a great deal.  He then adds commentary. But may I suggest you form some opinions before hearing his story. Then contrast your levels of understanding with his intended message. Some of you familiar with my Many-Self view of mind will hear similarities perhaps.  Harry will be reading this post, so feel free to ask him questions or make comments directed to him below.


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6 responses to “Self: The Singing Flame

  1. The wife

    So cool! Thank you Harry and Ruth for hosting my husband and daughter.

  2. Charity

    Aw, I love Wales, beautiful scenery! The people are quite generous and sound as though they’re singing when they speak. Have a great trip (or “holiday” as they say over there), Sabio. You and your daughter are in good hands.

  3. Wow! Mr. Iles that sculpture is fantastic. What was your inspiration for it? What is the relation of the spewing of flames with the ever changing man? How long did it take to make? So that model is the second attempt? Looks great. Do you usually work with bronze for all your sculptures, and if so why? How much does that weigh, I see both of you holding it so I imagine it is not to light. Sorry, lots of questions.

    Sabio, how are you enjoying your couch surfing? What does your daughter think of the journey thus far?

  4. @ Charity,
    Thanx — I agree with your experiences. Love the people.

    I will write Harry and see if he can answer your questions.

    Daughter is enjoying the trip very nicely, thanx.

  5. Harry Iles

    Hi Calledtoquestion. So glad you responded to the work and to the ideas in the video. My guess is that you will already have had the same idea, my inspiration is to be able to see these ideas in shapes, using forms as a language. Perhaps we use words too much and forget about the images and dreams that fill our minds as well. All bronze sculptures take a lot of work, especially when you have to build the furnace in your own garden, and yes, it’s heavy! I have some more videos on YouTube, just type in my name and you can see the wood carvings that I also do. Thanks again Harry Iles.

  6. @ Mr. Iles
    Yes, I agree. Perhaps we use words more often than not, and forget about the beauty and wonder of shapes, forms, and dreams and the messages they portray. Well put.
    All that hard work pays off, because your work is great. I will look up your other work as well, I briefly observed some of your other project but will take a better look at it soon. Thanks for the invite.

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