Rees & Sabio: blogging for our kids

Rees & LantzTomas Rees is the author of Epiphenom – a blog which reviews scientific articles on religion. Last week, Tom (right) met my daughter (the photographer) and me in Brighton, England during the last leg of our couch surfing adventure.

It is always fantastic to meet people in person after years of chatting on-line and Tom was no exception.  He kindly treated us vagabonds to a fine lunch and we discussed our families and blogging.

Tom and I have different religious backgrounds: unlike me, Tom is a natural atheist — someone who never embraced religion as an adult.  Yet Tom and I share a common motivation concerning blogging on religion: we both began because of our children. See my previous post on “My Son’s Tears” and below is Tom’s account.

When Tom heard of proposals to introduce more religion teaching in his children’s schools there is the UK, he decided to start researching for evidence of how such a move could be harmful to his children. Tom is a science writer and well versed in evaluating research (see my 2010 post on him here). He started reviewing articles on the effect of religion on children,  and posted his findings on a forum.  But to reach a wider readership he decided to start his blog.

Tom’s blog is excellent and I’d recommend you reading his stuff.  Heck, type “Rees” or “Epiphenom” in my search tool, and you will see lots of posts where I refer to his work.  Tom states, in the true spirit of science, that his opinions on religion have changed a bit since he started blogging — but I will leave him to tell us more about that perhaps later. He has slowed down posting recently due to being very busy with his family but he keeps putting stuff up for us occasionally.

Questions to readers:  Why did you start blogging?  Do you remember the day you decided?



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4 responses to “Rees & Sabio: blogging for our kids

  1. I love this. I started blogging on 5 June 2011 to document my dog’s adventures. And it turned into so much more:)

  2. Thanks a lot Sabio for pointing out the Epiphenom blog. It does look interesting!

    I started blogging in 2008. I used to live in Scotland (Edinburgh) and know very well why I did so: in order to express my opinions without forcing anyone to listen to me. My hope was that my views would be read by university colleagues and administrators because, nowadays, (many) universities are going backwards. They tolerate irrationality, they are, basically, businesses, essentially selling degrees, they are not interested in real education, and so on. Also because it took me long time to realize that I would have been better off working for the Mafia than in universities. They only difference between the Mafia and a university (belonging to the class I allude to above) is that the former has an honor code. I also started blogging in my attempt to understand why an otherwise perfectly logical person would embrace an illogical set of beliefs such as a religion.

  3. @ Nicole: Thanx

    @ Takis: Interesting. I loved this line: “to express my opinions without forcing anyone to listen to me …” I am sure I post a bit that way too.

  4. Hi Sabio, thanks for the kind words! It was really wonderful to meet you after all these years of virtual communication. Glad you got some sunshine and that the soaking we got was not the rule. Beautiful weather here now though.

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