Picture Puzzle: Commonality?

This morning, looking at the beautiful maple tree in my yard, I had some fun thoughts. But before sharing my thoughts later in the comments, please take a second and share your analyze of each set of pictures separately telling us what you feel the pictures in each set have in common.  No right answers, of course.



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5 responses to “Picture Puzzle: Commonality?

  1. Interesting, Sabio.

    Set A: Nature, beauty, inspiration

    Set B: Contemplation, introspection, meditation

  2. Earnest

    Set 1: natural plant activity, natural animal activity.
    Set 2: 3 humans motionless. Engaging in brain activity. I presume all 3 are engaging in goal-oriented activity.

    Looking forward to follow up post!

  3. CRL

    A: Nature; the taking of nourishment, striking photographs
    B: Clip art illustrations of still body positions

  4. A: Without
    B: Within

  5. Your comments were fun – thanx for playing. No right answers, so they were all great.

    My interpretation and thought:

    Different Form, Same Activity

    Set A: Eating
    I had this strong feeling/insight while looking at the tree — I could almost feel it eat! I laughed at the insight so I made the first set of photos.

    Set B: Listening to their Minds
    I then thought how people do very different things (pray, meditate and think) — thus different forms — but really, often, they are doing very similar things.

    Simple, eh. Earnest and CRL were close to mine. Alice was creative! Ruth — inspiring. Thanx for participating folks.

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