The Edge of Heaven: movie

Edge of HeavenThe Edge of Heaven Edge of Heaven Words(2007) is a superb German-Turkish film (two languages I love). Instead of a review, I will let the two graphics I made speak for themselves or your can read wiki.

Sinn” the largest word in my word mix, is one of my favorite German words (given that English is my native tongue). It comes out in one of the film’s many good lines:

Mother: Lotte, you can’t keep wasting your life.
Lotte: Mama, for the first time, my life has meaning/sinn 
[translated ‘purpose’]

Wait, many theists tell us we can’t have meaning without God and that at best, we will always be on the edge of heaven.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe the later is true in a sense even the theist can’t grasp — at least not without a few beers to help. 🙂

I do not like the official English title, and almost did not watch the film for that silly reason — funny, eh?  It sounded sappy.  So, in case you are as superficial as me (judging a film by its title), I have made others translations to perhaps help. Tell me your favorite title:

Official German Title: Auf der anderen Seite

  • On the Other Side
  • From Another Perspective
  • On the Other Hand

Official Turkish Title: Yaşamın Kıyısında

  • Life on the Edge
  • Life on the Coast

See other films I “review” here.



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2 responses to “The Edge of Heaven: movie

  1. For Auf der anderen Seite, I prefer: From or On the Other Side or Life On The Edge. Without seeing the movie I can’t say which title fits this movie best. I agree though that the English title smacks of Americana consumerism. The American marketers seem to want to appeal to movie-watcher’s “spiritual” or “romantical” sensibilities in getting them to buy the movie.

    My cousin in Germany was married to a Turkish girl. I heard some fascinating cross-German-Turkish cultural stories from them. I just saved this Film in my Amazon watchlist and will check it out. Thanks!

  2. Ha ! One reader liked the intro. Thanx for the comment.

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