Your Death Theology

death-cult-leunigThe horrors of fundamental and even of moderate Islam are obvious. But when Christians criticize the supposedly sacred ideas and writings upon which these Muslim’s support their horrible ideas (the Qur’an and Hadith), the Christians’ ignorant irony is laughable.  The above cartoon by the famous Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig captures that same tragic irony that I also expressed in my 2010 post “Your God is weird!”.  Death theology, Exclusivist theology, Tribal theology and all such wrong thoughts must be fought constantly — sacred or secular.  Freedom from stupidity is not a right, it is the tenuous fruit of constant effort.


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7 responses to “Your Death Theology

  1. Earnest

    This past Sunday was Exaltation of the Holy Cross day, so your comments are timely. Definitely some awkward liturgical content. It’s getting more difficult to carry out my apologist duties.

  2. Earnest

    It was interesting and a bit unnerving for the priest to declare proudly that catholics shall have the dead body of Jesus on their crosses. I do not recall his exact reasoning regarding why that made catholic crucifixes more awesome than those without body images. Something about how it made the death event more immediate and therefore valuable for imprinting faith. It was a bit more Dia de Muertos than I was up for at the time. Too much like work.

  3. In my 7th grade music class my teacher snatched my doodle sheet since I was not paying attention to his lecture. I was doodling stick figures being hung by the neck from the gallows. I was sent to the Principles’ Office and he called my parents about my “deathly doodles”. My Mother was mortified and thought I was sick in the head, obsessed with death. I was “busted” and got restricted for a week.

    If I’d read your post in 7th grade I would’ve asked my Mom: Why is it I get in trouble for drawing cartoon characters being lynched? When you have Crucifixes and kneel to the torture of a man on a cross? My doodles are no so sick as that.

    P.S. You close with great quote: “Freedom from stupidity is not a right, it is the tenuous fruit of constant effort.

  4. @ Scott: Great, apropos story ! Thx

  5. @Sabio:
    Freedom from stupidity is not a right, it is the tenuous fruit of constant effort.
    This is, indeed, great. I must put it at my office door.

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