Poetry: Less Murray (2)

CockspurCockspur Bush (by Les Murray)

I am lived. I am died.
I was two-leafed three times, and grazed, Cockspur
but then I was stemmed and multiplied,
sharp-thorned and caned, nested and raised,
earth-salt by sun-sugar. I was innerly sung
by thrushes who need fear no eyed skin thing.
Finched, ant-run, flowered, I am given the years
in now fewer berries, now more of sling
out over directions of luscious dung.
Of water crankshaft, of gases the gears
my shape is cattle-pruned to a crown spread sprung
above the starve-gut instinct to make prairies
of everywhere. My thorns are stuck with caries
of mice and rank lizards by the butcher bird.
Inches in, baby seed-screamers get supplied.
I am lived and died in, vine woven, multiplied.


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About the Poet:

  • This is my second poem by Les Murray, my first post has info on Les.
  • Sources: Pic from Wiki and Poem from here

My impression & thoughts:

Do we live or are we lived? This question has often added an odd, vibrant perspective to how I view both all life around me including my own. Murray’s poem strum those chords again for me.


Filed under Philosophy & Religion

2 responses to “Poetry: Less Murray (2)

  1. decourse

    Allow me to share my favourite Les Murray haiku:

    Brutal policy,
    like inferior art, knows
    whose fault it all is.

  2. superb! thanx, decourse

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