Sabio’s Poetry Anthology

Sabio’s Poetry Anthology
(a list of writers I’ve enjoy, to see my own poems, go here)


poetry_circle I have a long, love-hate relationship with poetry which is perhaps due to my temperament or was caused by being forced to read painfully difficult poetry by a boring High School teacher.  And unfortunately, even as I have learned to read more poetry as an adult, I continue to find very little poetry that I truly enjoy.

In 2010 I decided to dive into this love-hate relationship and started writing a few of my own poems.  Then, in September 2012, I decided to make a poetry blog (Fields of Yuan) where I participate in some poetry blogs to share my unabashed amateur experimentations and learn from others. And typical with my other experiments in therapeutic immersions, I actually learned to enjoy more poetry than I imagined I could have. It is so wonderful to destroy old bigotry and expand our pleasures (see how I have done the same with French, here).

This is an index posts (an anthology) of just some poetry I have enjoyed over recent years. I hope that others who have some of my same aversions to poetry will find poems among these which will help them lose their unnecessary poetry bigotry.

Please also consider buying some of these poets books or check them out from your library to read more of their fine works. Also, let me know if you know the birth years of poets here that I am uncertain of.



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4 responses to “Sabio’s Poetry Anthology

  1. Interesting. Are you left handed?

  2. @ ratamacueo: Nah, I lifted that pic (and then lost the source) and photoshopped all those poetry styles in it (click on it to see the link). So it is not my hand — if that was your wonder? Though I use to practice Japanese Calligraphy in a Zen temple in Japan. My calligraphy was always horrible.

    So, what are your feelings/thoughts about Poetry?

  3. I’ve always had a “thing” in poetry. Started writing rhymes when I was age 6. Simple, silly stuff about bugs, rugs, and things boys mess with. Then as a teen I wrote songs; rock music. I read lots of poetry for ideas, inspiration, and style. Then, after college, as a monk, I read poems for spiritual inspiration before meditation. I’ve gotten away from reading poetry. But your posts are reminding me to appreciate poetry: it’s like looking at a painting, listening to music, or experiencing dreams.

  4. Yes, that’s why I asked.

    I’m not a poetry buf, though occasionally something grabs me.

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