Poetry: Jennifer Gray

Horses   by Jennifer Gray

The neighbor’s horses idle
under the roof
of their three-sided shelter,
looking out at the rain.

one or another
will fade into the shadows
in the corner, maybe
to eat, or drink.

Still, the others stand,
blowing out their warm
breaths. Rain rattles
on the metal roof.

Their hoof prints
in the corral
open gray eyes to the sky,
and wink each time
another drop falls in.


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About Jennifer Gray:

“Jennifer Gray has been writing ever since a school assignment in third grade, when she wrote a poem called “Jack Frost” . She spent her childhood roaming the west with her family following the boom-and-bust economy of the oilfield. They finally settled in Bakersfield California where she graduated high school.

Because of an unintentional mix-up with a gang member, she went to live with her grandma in Colorado the summer after graduation. From there she came to Nebraska for college, and except for a brief stint in Texas, Nebraska has been home ever since. Jennifer’s writing is a process of seeking connection and synthesis. Perhaps this is related to a wandering childhood. Her poetry has been featured in the Lincoln Underground, with more work forthcoming in their Autumn and Winter Issues. She has taught English at York College in Nebraska, and is a graduate student in Creative Writing at UNL.” (source, 11/2014)

My Impression:

  • My eyes have always been inclined to make puddles and other inanimate objects come to life.  This poem does the same while describing the setting beautifully.


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6 responses to “Poetry: Jennifer Gray

  1. Earnest

    Thanks for the Nebraska poet! I like the winking of the hoofprints with the raindrops. The weather is an ever-present thing here.

  2. @ Earnest,
    Yes, my Nebraska friend, lots of amazing people there including yourself.

  3. I don’t think it’s this Jennifer Gray, but the style of poetry looks similar.

  4. @ Takis,
    I am not sure, but I found more bio information and put it in the post.

  5. You paint the scene so clearly. Your neighbor’s horses are more amicable than ours. The two head honcho horses keep the new little filly out of the shelter in the rain, to establish the pecking order. Grrrrrrr.

  6. Arrrrrghhh, Sherry
    This is not my poem. The post clearly states that it is not.

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