Poetry: Tom Hennen

Looking for the Differences
by Tom Hennen

I am struck by the otherness of things rather than their same-
ness. The way a tiny pile of snow perches in the crook of a
branch in the tall pine, away by itself, high enough not to be
noticed by people, out of reach of stray dogs. It leans against
the scaly pine bark, busy at some existence that does not
need me.

It is the differences of objects that I love, that lift me toward
the rest of the universe, that amaze me. That each thing on
earth has its own soul, its own life, that each tree, each clod is
filled with the mud of its own star. I watch where I step and see
that the fallen leaf, old broken grass, an icy stone are placed in
exactly the right spot on the earth, carefully, royalty in their
own country.


Source: The Writer’s Almanac April 17, 2015

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My thoughts (today):

  • Poetry?  These are paragraphs, not poetry. It is a flash essay.  Well, whatever it is, I like it. It is short and focused on a succinct image, using words like magic.  Call it poetry, call it an essay, I really enjoy this.  See my post on “Defining Poetry
  • “the otherness of things” — love it!  See my post on: “Homogenizing Reality with God
  • “busy at some existence that does not need me.”  Perfect.  See my post here on “The Glory of Insignificance
  • Soul: “That each thing on earth has its own soul …”  Of course he means something very different that the word “soul” used by theologians, but the rest of us folks feels what he means.  Reclaiming religious language is wonderful — rip it out of the gods and spooks realm and put it right back here with us and with the dirt and snow.

See more excellent poems in Sabio’s Poetry Anthology

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