Have you ever had something of yours described as “little” is these ways:

“Are you going to work on your little project today?”
“Did you ride on your little motorcycle yesterday?”
“We can use your little system, if you insist.”

Here “little” is obviously being used as a subtle slam. And it is obvious that women use the word far more when talking to men than the other way around. For instance, why wouldn’t a woman phrase the motorcycle question like this:

“Did you ride your suffice and pleasing motorcycle yesterday?”

No, instead they intentionally choose “little”, and they know it.  I hear this sort of thing often, so using the examples in the beginning of this post, I confront implicit insult to my manhood and will replies like:

“There is nothing about my project that is little.”
“My motorcycle is not the least bit little.”
“My system is big, not little.”

Don’t let “little” go unchallenged.  Protest!

I hope you have enjoyed my BIG post today.



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2 responses to “Little

  1. Sure, from both men and women . . . little boobs. I can protest until the cows come home won’t change my little boobs.

  2. @ Zoe

    LOL. Good point Zoe.

    Actually, I JUST had that conversation today. My colleague just had her second child and is pumping. My other colleague said to her, “you can go do your little pumping now.” Well, it was something like that, but the “little” was ambiguous.

    I then shared with them about this post — we all laughed.

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