Religion as Entertainment

Functions of ReligionAs I illustrate above, what people call “religion” contains much more than doctrines and beliefs.  Entertainment is one of those many components.

I recently visited my brother and his wife. On Sunday, they offered to take my daughter to their church, but in deciding, they reasoned that the later service would be far more entertaining with guitar music, moderns songs and multi-media.  Given that our kids are raised on dazzling media, the competition churches now face is daunting.

Mega-churches and smart quickly greying churches have realized the entertainment value of religion.  Religion can be an activity for the family with entertainment taking the form of music, rituals, storytelling, and socializing. In its regularity and familiarity it can be comforting and family building, and supportive of a tribe or a nation.  Religion is a powerful tool without even talking about all the doctrines, magic and more, and entertainment is part of that.

By the way, my daughter liked the media stuff well enough, but she told me she saw through the anti-homosexual stuff in the sermon that was given that day.

Religion as Entertainment


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