David Chapman: Meaningness

David Chapman

David Chapman

This page is an index for my posts related to the writings of David Chapman.  I first became familiar with David Chapman in 2010 when he commented on this blog which led me to his writings (see below).   Since then I have had many private e-mail communications and some skyping.  David is an amazing thinker — thus this index.

David has a MIT PhD in computer science, became a engineer business-man and then sold his business which freed him up to do his rich, fun, brilliant writings.

David is a mind-explorer and has found a home/vehicle, of sorts, in a form of Buddhism: Tibetan Nyingma Tantric Dzogchen Buddhism (a lot of qualifiers, eh?).  But David is a philosopher/scientist who just happens to benefit from a teacher in that tradition and his hyperlinked book “Meaningness” gives us many of his Buddhist influenced insights stripped of religiosity and cultural-centric jargon.

David’s Writings

Some of my posts related to David’s Writings

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