Expecting Perfection: Medicine

Metaphors in medicine today succeed and fail when they equate sensations with symptoms. At some point doctors and patients could think of an orderly existence as being devoid of unpleasantness—discomfort began to imply disarray, and disarray to imply disease. So both started carving out slivers of life and calling them something else, quarantining them because they seemed threatening and out of place. And the situation is no better in alternative medicine, wherein the emphasis on wellness rather than lack of illness gives way to attributing unpleasantness to the hygiene of the food supply or the products in our homes. In that context, what touches or enters the body is believed to cause unwellness by upsetting a natural state of perpetual harmony.

— from The Lancet, 22 August 2015: Metaphors and medically unexplained symptoms by Eben Schwartz.

I once practiced “alternative” medicine and now practice “orthodox” medicine — both are guilty of the above charge. Heck, I am guilty of it. According to David Chapman’s 4 confused stances, Eternalism expects control, craves for certainty and for understanding — nebulosity is anathema to Eternalism. In Medicine, our neurosis can be fed by our Eternalism tendencies. Read the article and David’s writings for more.


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