Self-Deceit: Wine & Break-ups

Break_upNothing is more clear to me than that we not only deceive others, but we unabashedly deceive ourselves. One of the clearest areas of self-deceit can be heard when someone describes why they have broken-up with a lover or left a spouse. Untangling the truth in these stories is very difficult. In fact, I am not sure “fact” is something that can be found. Instead, there are immense complex interactions with the homogenizing of false stories of participants who reduce this chaos to sound-bytes to comfort themselves or seek approval from others. Meanwhile each person involved is very sure their version is insightful and accurate.

Self-deceit is wonderful human skill.

wine-snobReasonably Speaking posted a talk by Dan Sperber — one of the proponents of reason being an evolved skill primarily geared not to solve problems, but to deceive others and often ourselves. Then, VOX has a great video illustrating how wine drinkers deceive themselves. And for comic relief, Mother Jones author, Ben Dreyfuss, pokes hilarious fun at wine drinkers pushing them to a higher calling: booze.


Tough challenge to readers:

Tell us one story about how you fooled yourself. But make sure you don’t use the story to poke fun at others.

Pic Credits: wine Snob, break-up 1, break-up 2


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