“Dinner and Deception” with Moby

dinner-nothingnessFor you humble bloggers, may I suggest a simple 4-course meal experience. You will be opening four browsers:

  • Keeping this browser open — it is #1.
  • In browser #2 open Moby’s theme to Borne Identity, “Extreme Ways” and start playing it over and over and over.
  • In browser #3 open this short Aug. 22 NYT article by Edward Frame, “Dinner and Deception”: a brilliant journey from the eyes of a server of the super rich in a top-end NYC restaurant — and recall my link yesterday to self-deception and fine wine — like the $1000 1990 Krug in the article.  Oh, and the reason for the music is that Frame, the author, tell us that the Bourne Identity theme song above helped him on his job — so let’s join him there.
  • For dessert, after reading and listening above, open browser #4 with this mesmerizing video of Moby’s “Everloving” and play it while you read the rest of this post and write in the comments.

Below are some tantalizing quotes for Frame’s amazing article. Juxtaposed to the quotes, [in purple brackets], are words from Moby’s song.  See if you can resonate with the pairings like I did.

  • … repetitive work, however “estranged” in some abstract or theoretical sense, could be incredibly affirming. … There was no reflection , now question of what my job required of me, and I could indulge, for hours, in the straight forward immediacy of action. [“I had to close down everything, I had to close down my mind.”]
  • … our job wasn’t just serving food, it was playing a part, and we did it with a degree of self-conscious irony that our bosses seemed incapable of. [“extreme places I have gone but never seen any light.”]. 
  • You experience a special rush when your job is to project an aura of warmth and hospitality while maintaining an almost clinical emotional distance. It’s the thrill of the con.  [“I would stand in line for this”]
  • Guests wanted to believe the make-believe; they wanted to believe everything was perfect. [“extreme ways that help me, help me out late at night”]
  • The nightly grotesquerie was almost exciting. [“then it fell apart”]
  • “I’m going to go turn the music up,” [“I closed my eyes and closed myself”]


I won’t clutter this post with a conclusion.  More important are your experience and thoughts — so please share. And thank you for joining us in this humble meal.

End of Post

Notes:  Pic Credit from the NYT article, chords to Extreme Ways, and see my post on “Life is a Game“.


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