Doubting my Many-Selves Metaphor

My “Many Selves” model has helped me make sense of much in my life — both in practical and intellectual terms.  To explain my view on the human mind, society and religion, I have written many post on my “Many-Self, No Self” metaphor.  So with all this writing and thinking, we can expect that I would be highly invested in my model. And we all know that when we are highly invested in something, we tend to only read material that confirms our opinions. Perhaps I do the same, but I am unsure.

Since all theories only approximate a limited view of reality, and since our view of the human mind is extremely limited, I expect that my model must be laden with many problems. All this is compounded by the fact that I am a mere amateur. But hell, the model works for me.

So what would it take for me to change my view? In my coming posts, inspired by this article, I will discuss the idea of “Self” again. I am curious if the article and my reflections change my view or yours.  Let me know.

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