Theist Thieves Diminishing “The Good”

The Good
Gods are easy to make — there are lots of them out there.  And gods are always used to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do — what is good and what is bad.

Theists have created twisted theological knots to try explain which came first: their god or the good.  Their solutions are, of course, doomed from the onset.

In order to see the stupidity behind the moral machinations of the religious, all we need only look at the plethora of contradictory gods telling us what to do, and the men (typically) who are telling us just what their god is saying.

But if you want to read more of the intellectual fluff around this issue, websites abound.  But to begin your tour try these quick ones:


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One response to “Theist Thieves Diminishing “The Good”

  1. Here is something that I’m in full agreement with. It also brings to mind something I read a while ago: that religion, whatever this is, did not exist in our sense in some societies. For example, in classical Greece there were gods and godesses (and all kinds of creatures between gods and humans) but they were there, they were part of what people believed without calling it religion. You seem to be saying that theists have usurped religion and use it to make gods be whatever they like. But how old is the concept of a theist? Do we find it in older societies?

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