Poetry: Barry Spacks

Looking at a Lizard by Barry Spacks
My only purpose this moment
is looking at a lizard.
Does he know he’s not alone?

He breathes with tiny push-ups,
his skin all hairline caverns
soaking up the sun.

I doubt, alive, I’m liable to get
closer to timelessness than this,
looking at a little lizard breathing.


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About Author:  Barry Spacks (1931 – 2014) (wiki).  This poem is from his book “Shaping Water” (amazon).

My thoughts: This week I went to a pet store with my daughter — she loves visiting pet stores whenever she can. While she looked for guinea pig supplies, I spent a long time quietly watching some lizards as they basked still in the warm lamps. Then today I read this poem and was amazed to see someone feeling something I felt that day.  See my previous post called “The Mountains Breathe” to read more on this issue if you wish.

Source: From Writer’s Almanac: Oct 12th, 2015

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