The Mountains Breathe

Appalacian HillsI will add this post to my index of “My Mystical Personality” but I am not sure it goes there — you decide.  Perhaps I should just label that post “My Odd Perceptions”.


As long as I can remember, I can feel mountains and trees breathe, my body can feel the soaring of crows as I watch them, and music seems to swim in my chest. But I have always felt these sorts of visions and sensations were common — I felt it is how we all taste the world. Only after years of talking to folks did I realize that either it is only some of us who feel this way or people just describe things differently — you tell me.

When I drive my car and look at distant hills, I can often actually see them expand and shrink with my breath (albeit slightly). They seem alive. It makes me smile. I know it is a hallucination but I enjoy it. When I see large birds fly in front of me, I can often feel my self soar with them. Colors occasionally seem to dance as I look in out in the world. And things seem to move, even if I know they aren’t. I love all these sensations and when they occur, I try to nurture them, to stay in the feeling, to enjoy the immersion.

Is it mystical? Is it supernatural? Of course not. Is it synesthesia? I am not sure. But tell me, does any of this strike a cord for you?


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3 responses to “The Mountains Breathe

  1. I love silence. It is my favourite sound, and I can listen to the silence for a very long time, but I have discovered it is not so calming and certainly not such a relief, when I am overly aware of how I, by my sole presence, disturb the universe.
    So early mornings, when I am still the only one awake, I sit on my front stairs, sipping to a mug of coffee, while a fog of silence, the occational distant car, the crisp sound of a bird just realizing it’s morning and dawn embrace me.

  2. Fascinating, Bjoerg — thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes, “Your Mystical or Poetical Personality”. Words are just labels. Inadequate, but often beautiful expressions of the silence, order or disorder we may feel within. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your person-ality.

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