How the Wind was Born (by my son)

Wind LeavesTwo days ago, my 15 year-old son and I drove through our town as the strong autumn wind made the fallen leaves dance wildly.  Reveling in it, my son commented:

“When I was young, I tried to imagine a world without wind.  And in my mind, the windless world was a world without life.  And so I imagined the birth of wind to go something like this” (and I paraphrase):

When the world began, there were vast deserts, no plants, no animals and only dead, still air. Then life began — the first cells blossomed and life began to move.  And because of life, the air began to move and the wind was born.”

My thoughts:

Here we see the pre-scientific mind creating a mythology, a story to explain the unknown, a quick answer to a tough question — “what makes wind?”.  My son’s sharing allowed me to see the part of the human mind that religions use to spin their cosmologies.  And it was fun!


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2 responses to “How the Wind was Born (by my son)

  1. Earnest

    Not necessarily scientifically accurate, but lovely verse nonetheless!

  2. I agree, sir. I forgot to add my impressions to this post, but your comment reminded me — so I have added them.

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