WeiQi: One Group !

Above is a screenshot of one of my recent Go games (see other WeiQi posts here).  The unique thing about this game is that I only have ONE group.  Only players will understand the aesthetics of my awe. And such is the game of WeiQi — philosophy, art and magic at every turn.

Oh, and I lost horribly.  And this says much about my personality — I’d rather lose (make mistakes) while experimenting with newness and beauty.  This trait has helped me in language acquisitions and many others areas but stung me in others !

Question to readers:  Tell us about some trait that you know both benefits and harms you — a trait that you are actually very glad you have in spite of the trade-offs.



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6 responses to “WeiQi: One Group !

  1. Earnest

    My creativity. It makes me inefficient in the workplace but it also allows me to appreciate art and come up with solutions to problems.

  2. Well said, Earnest. Thanks for sharing. Very earnest.
    You are indeed creative ! You’d better not be inefficient on my shift, damn it.

  3. Earnest

    In med school and residency I was Mr. Zebra so that’s a tall order!

  4. Curt

    I want to learn this game. Last year I played with someone who never played either. When we finished we could not agree on how to figure out who had won. I have been looking for a club in the area so that we can gain some practical experience in determining the winner and also to get some practical experience in how others play the game.
    Perhaps you can expain the result of the picture that you posted as a post.

  5. Curt, you might find that playing on-line at http://www.gokgs.com will help. Easier than finding a club and lots of helpful people.
    As far as the pic above, without playing the game to a certain degree, the pic is too hard to explain.
    But this site is a great tutorial: http://playgo.to/iwtg/en/

    Hope those help

  6. Curt

    thanks i almost forgot about this as company came in the mean time and I got distracted

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