Monologue Juggernauts

Monologue JuggernautSince a young age I’ve noticed a particular conversation pattern where a person doesn’t care who they are talking to — they just want to keep talking. Have you ever been to a party, and been talking to someone who is boring you but that person is not picking up on the cues that you aren’t interested in their conversation?  Well, sometimes with those folks if you just walk away from their monologue, they may, without missing a word, continue their boring soliloquy by turning to the person next to them (who isn’t really listening either).

I have no time for such conversations. You actually find these folks on blog comment threads at times. Have you experience these monologue juggernauts?




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2 responses to “Monologue Juggernauts

  1. Oh, definitely. Sometimes those people have Aspergers, or something else on the Autism Spectrum, so that they actually aren’t able to pick up on the subtle social cues that the rest of us see. Realizing this, sometimes I’ll gently interrupt them to refocus the conversation. Some people who know they have this problem appreciate this, as long as I’m not rude about it.

    But some of the monologue juggernauts are godbots, who think it’s fine to completely the dominate a conversation, or conversation thread, as long as they are pushing Jeebus the whole time. I have no patience for that.

  2. @ ubi
    Yeah, I agree with you on the Aspies.
    And about the Jesus pushers.
    But heck, tons more out there besides them too — lots.
    Thanx for sharing.

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