A Transliteration Test

Present day English is written in a version of the Latin Alphabet (also called the “Roman Alphabet”).  When you hear a language you don’t know and try to write its sounds using our Latin alphabet, the result is a transliteration.

Before moving on to my next post, I would like readers hear to listen to this recording below and then go to the comments and type out a transliteration of what you heard.  In the next post, I will use it to show you some of the challenges with transliteration — especially in relationship to the Mahabharata.


See this post for an illustration of transliteration variants for Arabic: Al Qur’an.



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3 responses to “A Transliteration Test

  1. Mae

    mu JEN ah hee pa TAH

  2. rautakyy

    Trasliteration: “Mustsene hiipata.” Or that is what it sounds to my un-English, un-Indo-European ears. But I expect even a nother Finn, than myself, might transliterate it totally differently.

  3. @ Mae and rautakyy,
    Thank you for playing along. The answer is in the next post. Mae was right on while rautakyy’s “stse” was odd – maybe a Finnish ear.

    Of course the other problem with a recording, you can’t tell where to separate words.

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