Chinese Lunar Months

Chinese Lunar Months

The world was once ruled by Lunar Calendars but as mathematical sophistication and agriculture spread, solar calendars became more practical and dominant. Given the sun and the moon as ways of measuring time, we have three main types of calendars in the world:

  1. Lunar Calendars : The Islamic calendar
  2. Solar Calendars: Gregorian calendar (Western), Iranian, Indian National Calendar
  3. Lunisolar Calendars: Hebrew, Buddhist, Hindu, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese …
    The traditional Chinese Calendar is a Lunisolar calendar. The usual Chinese calendar has months boringly named 1 month, 2 month, 3 month … But above you can see the colorful names of the Chinese Lunar Calendar along with some information about that month. Since, even with adjustments, the Lunisolar calendar is not perfectly in sync with the solar Gregorian calendar, the date that of Chinese New Year drifts a bit each yet.

Presently we are at the end of the “Preserved Month” and preparing for Spring. In a post coming soon, I will give the 2016 Chinese New Year schedule.

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