Me, me, me! — blogger policy

MEMEMEThis is a post for all you folks who are “me, me, me!” advertisers. You know who you are. Or sadly, maybe you don’t. You are the folks who send me emails saying “Check out my blog….”. Often these emails are just software generated generic stuff which I obviously delete.

Even if you add a small personal note to your email, it is the wrong way to get other bloggers to visit your site. It either shows a lack of common sense or worse, a blatant “me, me, me” blindness. If you want me to visit your blog, interact with several of my posts in an intelligent way — in the comments, not an email. Show me that us that you are really reading the posts and talk about the posts themselves. Then, if any of the readers or me find you interesting (or thoughtful), we may visit your blog.  That is the correct way to get readers on your blog — well, at least here.

The same goes for those of you leaving vacuous “me, me, me” comments. If it is obvious that the only reason you are commenting is to get me to your blog, and you do not interact with my post in a genuine way, I will not only not visit your blog, I may delete your comment for violation of my comment policy.


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3 responses to “Me, me, me! — blogger policy

  1. Well said Sabio:)

  2. tolworthy

    Since the world removes around me, I will assume this was in response to an email I sent you last week. 🙂 I enjoy your ironic self deprecation (“do not say “me me me”, read and talk to me me me instead”) Humour is always welcome.

  3. Yes, tolworthy, your email to me said, “I thought you might be interested in my new blog.” after you show no significant interaction here. And you still don’t interact. Yawn!

    You guys are generic. I wrote you a generic response.

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