Mind Soup

mindsoupWe all have association soups floating in our minds. Due to our unique experiences, we associate things together that others do not. After time, these associations become “common sense” to us, and we can’t see how others don’t understand these connections.

For instance, “dude, milk, guy, cow, idiot and garlic” are all related to each other in my head. In fact, I have caught myself joking about the connections to folks before I realized that it was only my mind that made the connections due to my unique language experiences. The listener had no experience with my mind soup and thus should not understand. Above I illustrate my connections to these words — coming from languages I have learned or studied. See how they are all connected? From garlic to dude. The first fun connection is how in Hindi, Cow is guy and Milk is dude.

Conclusion: Whether it is language, religion, politics, sexuality, culture, food or much more, we often forget that the connections we have in our own heads aren’t those of others. So, when someone says something odd to you, consider exploring their mind soup with them before you pass judgement. For they themselves may be unaware of their own connections. Instead of striving for the “truth” behind a statement, sometimes just trying to taste the statement can be much more rewarding.



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2 responses to “Mind Soup

  1. Interesting observation. Even slight differences in the mind soup and our assumptions could cause misunderstanding with others. One of the hardest things to understand is ourselves. Comparison to others and their mental states are of great benefit.

  2. Thanx myrthryn — well said.

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