Common Sense: The Wedding Dress


My travels, experiences and studies have done great damage to my notion of common sense. Indeed, nowadays, one of my favorite hobbies is undermining my common sense whenever I have the opportunity. This Priceonomics article by Victoria Finkle is called “Why Do Brides Wear White?”  and does just that.

There is no common sense — just the ordinary, constraining, practical knowledge of the culture we are invested in, and hypnotized by.

Hindi: practical intelligence : vyaavahaarik buddhi
Japanese: ordinary knowledge : Jooshiki
German: gesunder Menschenverstand : healthier human understanding
French: good sense: bon sens
English: horse sense & common sense
Russian: zdravyy smysi : robust/healthy/sound meaning/sense
Spanish: sentido común: sense common
Greek: koiní logikí: common logic

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