Krishna at the Ball Game

krishnaWhile leaving  Christianity, I was fascinated by Hinduism (see my post here).  It was more of an academic interest (though later I did Yoga).  And also perhaps I was inordinately enamored at the thrill of using Hinduism as a signal to my former Christian friends that I was truly a heretic.  Though at first, I hid my heresy, by the time I moved to Minneapolis I had learned to embrace being a heretic.

My apartment complex in Minneapolis sat next to a sports stadium — a good site to display heresy.  One day I decided to climb one of the large poles supporting a stadium spot light to tape a large poster of Krishna so that anyone could see from my apartment complex. What was I thinking?  Almost no one seeing the poster would know what it was a picture of, and the poles were deadly high. Yet putting that krishna poster high up on that pole was immensely satisfactory.  Any theories why?


Question to readers:  Please tell me I am not the only person you know with a history of such stupidity.



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2 responses to “Krishna at the Ball Game

  1. Occasionally, in my area I notice anonymous 3-D graffiti of a white crucifix on top of a lone hill. Some Christian(s) apparently want to “shout” from the hilltop that their “god” or Jesus is the greatest and maybe assume they’ll get brownie points for heaven from Jesus for their public display of affection (PDA). I wonder if your Krishna poster ontop of the light pole was your anonymous PDA? Got good karma to boot!

  2. @SkepticM,
    LOL — loved the PDA. Nope, no affection to Krishna or Shiva or Ganesh — my fascination with Hinduism was not devotional at all — ’twas academic. (so I edited the first paragraph — thanx). And maybe being only academically interested, my karma never improved! Did you see this post on Ganesh?

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