Underestimate the Negative

seattletrafficSeattle is a beautiful city, or it was when I lived there back in the 1990s. So when I moved there, I was determined to enjoy Seattle’s glory by getting an apartment with a fantastic view.  The problem was, views cost money. But with some compromise, a good view was possible. My compromise was that my apartment was very close to a major road. 

I was sure I could get use to the traffic noise in exchange for the scenic window panoramas and the convenience of shopping and parks. But within a year, that traffic noise appeared to get louder and louder and my nerves were really on edge.  I underestimated the downsides of my compromise. I overestimate my ability to overlook things that irritated me from the beginning.  So within 3 months of realizing my mistake, I moved.

Unfortunately not all mistakes are as easy to cut and leave.  Readers, do you have any to share?  I have several others – obviously.



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5 responses to “Underestimate the Negative

  1. Peter

    When I was dating my wife she would take me to some of the dirtiest restaurants in town. Her logic: if the decor is this bad (and the service is slow) the food must be fantastic! She had a built-in paradigm of compromise. My experience is that if the decor sucks and and the service is poor, the food will most likely be just as bad.

    So I look for EFFICIENCY – the best output or set of tangible deliverables for the minimum cost or effort. So, as an example, a restaurant should be convenient, with free parking, clean, fast service and with tasty, healthy food at a cheap price. I won’t compromise because I know that I can cook for myself much better, quicker and cheaper than any restaurant.

    P.S. Re: my living space right now – I compromise by SHARING my house.

  2. Peter

    P.P.S. Someone once said to me that “A view is a good selling point but not a very good living point”. I have found that to be generally true. You pay a price premium for a good view.

  3. @Peter,
    Good points, thanks for contributing.

  4. On being used to noise: I grew up in the DC area, just a couple of blocks from where I-95 joins the Beltway. That interchange later became somewhat famous as the Springfield Mixing Bowl (the interchange even has it’s own Wikipedia page). I am just used to a constant level of background traffic noise, I guess.

    Now I live somewhat farther out, but I live under an approach to Dulles Airport. And I’m used to the airplane noise too. But even with all that, I don’t think I’d want to live right next to a busy street.

  5. Thanx Ubi!
    So, any relationships with people where you knew you were compromising and as time went on, the compromise became unbearable? [the allusion of the post, though apparently not obvious]

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