What Scarcity Causes

Urine PNGAn ABC article today shows this Papua New Guinea woman preparing herbal medicines (some even containing urine) which are becoming popular as effective medicines become scarce in her country.  On reading this, my mind instantly was triggered to make a fallacious association when also considering the conclusions of 2011 Sage Journal article .  Here is the condensed formal form of my mistake:

P causes I which leads to R
P causes M which leads to U
Since S causes both R & U,
R is just like U

And to spell out the logic without making you read the articles, it goes like this:

1. The Sage Article states: Economic poverty (P) causes insecurities (I) in the populations which lead to rise is religion (R).

2. The ABC article tells us that in Papua New Guinea: Economic poverty (P) causes shortages in effective medicines (M) which leads to a rise in using urine (U) as medicine.

In the comments below, to see if anyone is still reading this blog, translate “R is just like U” for me. But beware, I’ve already admitted it is a logical fallacy. LOL


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6 responses to “What Scarcity Causes

  1. rautakyy

    Religion is a lot like urine, but only in the sense, that poverty and insecurity cause people to use both of them as substitutes for actual medicine?

    Both urine and religion “stink”, but religion only stinks, if it is not your own religion. As I am an atheist all religions “stink” to me. To most people in the world however, most religions stink. Most people also think that urine stinks, but not necessarily all. Could it be, that a maximally powerfull creator entity could fail to achieve a one true religion, that would not stink to anybody? Unless it was the goal of this entity to divide people into different camps according to the their cultural experience and mostly grant access to the one true religion as a birth right, not much different from being born into ranks of the one lucky nation, or some form of a “higher” race?

    I read you and I hear you, though I do not always comment (and when I do, my comments are exessively long). If you have the time please do continue this blog.

  2. @ Rautakyy: You got it. And urine only really stinks bad if their is bacteria living in it. Religion only stinks when used exclusively.

  3. Kevin


    I came across this site a few days ago and find it interesting and helpful- thanks so much for it. I don’t have any experience with syllogisms or formal logic but I’m giving it a shot.

    What does (S) represent in this argument? Whatever it represents, it doesn’t follow that just because (S) causes R and U that R is just like U. Right?



  4. @ Kevin: thanks for visiting. Read rautakyy’s comment above, he got it correct. Read the article carefully, at the end, R, S, U are defined.

  5. chaz

    I don’t know about the urine, but you are certainly full of shit!

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