A Perception Puzzle: Intro

Series Problem
The other night, my 17 year-old son presented my lady and myself with the problem below. He told us that he tried to solve the puzzle for 30 minutes but gave up.  But after reading the solution, he thought it was a cool puzzle to share with us to see if we could solve (he had given us an interesting puzzle the previous evening).

I sat just staring at the puzzle for less than 2 minutes and solved it. My daughter laughed at my son when I solved it so quickly. But he rightly retorted quickly, “It is OK, Dad has more than 40 years experience over me.”

In the next post, I will share the hints to help those of you who could not solve the puzzle.  Those hints will be the experiences I have had which may have made it easy for me to solve the problem. In the post after that, I will share the answer.

So, with no further delay, you try the problem. Write the answer in the comments, but don’t tell us WHY you think it is the answer — don’t ruin it for others.  Just tell us what you would draw for the 9th symbol in this series and tell us how long it took you to solve it or to give up. Do not look at the comments unless you want to give up.

The Problem: Above is a series of 8 symbols, each separated by a comma. Tell us what the logical 9th element of this series should be. The symbols, by the way, can be displayed on a digital clock. You’ve all seen such a display, it has 3 potential horizontal bars, a 2 columns of 2 potential vertical lines each.



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5 responses to “A Perception Puzzle: Intro

  1. This also took me about two minutes. The 9th symbol is blank.


  2. (I showed this to my oldest kid (23 years old) and she got it in about 15 seconds. So I’m not feeling quite a smart now.)

  3. @ Ubi: Yep, of course you’ve got it. Congrats to your son. I’m curious what the next posts will mean to you and him.

  4. No luck, and I’m usually pretty good at these!

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