Guarding Weaknesses: Chinese & India

All people have in born genetic weaknesses — if lucky our deficiencies may never display themselves. And hopefully as our genetic sciences advance, we may be able to fix the coding errors that inevitably do harm us. Superstitious Chinese Taoists and Hindus astrologists also apply their best tools, against the wave of fate that hits us all.

Chinese fortune tellers tell us, as this article tells us, help parents to choose names for the children because the Chinese believe a person’s name defines their life.
“Taoists believe that depending on when someone was born, their body might lack one of the five elements — metal, wood, water, fire, or earth — which can affect their health. A fortuneteller can advise parents how to select a name that corrects this deficiency, for example by using a character that incorporates one of the elements. Some will even offer counsel on how many strokes should be in each character of the child’s name.”

Indian astrologers feel that not only do heavenly bodies affect our future, but that many of these harmful influences can be controlled by gems. So if a person has a planet that is inauspicious in their horoscope, they should wear the corresponding gem on the correct finger to ward off that malevolent influence. See this website helping your choose your lucky gems.

When in India, while riding trains, I discussed peoples’ rings with them because it always led to all sorts of stories about their lives. Likewise, while in China, discussing someone’s name, of revealed a lot about the person’s family history. All these were fascinating, and indeed can make our lives more colorful, but when it comes to our health fates, I’ll put my money on genetic science.



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2 responses to “Guarding Weaknesses: Chinese & India

  1. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C Clarke

  2. Good morning qbit — we are vacationing in Tennessee and I jotted this down in the early morning while my love still slept. Interestingly, Arthur C Clarke lived in Sri Lanka where magic thrived but a magic easily distinguishable from advanced technology!

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