News: Where do you get your news?

The Pew Research Center in 2016 found Americans got their news largely like this:

  • 57% TV (Local & Cable)
  • 38% Online
    • On-line Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube …
    • On-line Professional Writing: New sites, Blogs, many YouTube,
  • 25% Radio
  • 20% Printed Newspapers

The Pew Research Center, in 2017, found 67% get at least some news on social media. These include Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat (these are the top growing three) followed by Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tublr etc… Of these, only 1 in 4 get their news from multiple social media sites — most stick to their favorite. Meanwhile, use of social media by those over 50, Nonwhite and less education is rising.

Question to readers: Where do you get your news?

As for me, it is on-line and radio.  No TV.


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6 responses to “News: Where do you get your news?

  1. Radio/Online/Newspapers for me. I think it is important to granularize the online category, specifically. Social media feeds as opposed to a personally selected (and probably evolving) list of daily/weekly ‘news’ websites contrast sharply with each other.

  2. Yes, stolzyblog — I will granulize it a bit. But the research in 2016 by Pew lumped them. I’ll work on it.

  3. rautakyy

    Radio, online and print newspapers. I have not had a TV set in years. I daily read the national broadcast company YLE (pretty much like a Finnish BBC) website here in Finland and I like to also check out their original sources. I also read a couple of online versions of respected print newspapers. I am not in the so called “social” media, but I have noticed that it seems to have a deteriorating effect on people who more or less depend on it for their news.

  4. So, Rautakyy, do you read on both sides?

  5. rautakyy

    Both sides? If you mean do I read news sources with different political bias, yes I do. However, as we have a multi-party system here in Finland, there are several different viewpoints being offered.

    The leading newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat is a fairly liberal media, just like our leading conservative party. The Demokraatti, is our leading socialist newspaper and it broadcasts for our leading (and fairly moderate) socialist party the Social Democrats. I sometimes read the former, but hardly ever the latter. I frequently read the openly liberal newspaper the Uusi Suomi. I often read the socialist and green Voima, but hardly ever bothered to read the openly fascist MV-Lehti, as it consisted mostly of strongly opinionated hatred and totally made up lies and propaganda. Indeed, so much so, that eventually all the serious media newspapers rose against it in reminding the readers of the journalist obligations and integrity, because it became increasingly obvious, that just simply made up stories and hate campaigns against, Muslims, Jews, Socialists and individual reporters were being published in it. The editor was convicted of hate speech, illegal money collection, stolen content etc. So, at the moment we do not have an openly fascist media, but the type of stories they published, are being concieved and live their own separate lives in the social media.

    It is important to understand what others think and where different opinions come from, but there is a limit to how much of my time I will spend on reading crap and blatant lies.

    I sometimes even listen to the local religious radio channel Radio Dei, as it provides an interresting view on how the conservative Christian religious minority here in Finland think.

  6. Cool, thanx Raut — fascinating variety.

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